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Multiplier Media is a multi-award winning content, digital marketing and branding company. We create specialised digital-ready content that multiplies across online networks to optimise your return on investment.

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We use our global media network to amplify your message
creating more digital pathways back to your business.


Giving an Australian bike tech startup a push in the right direction.

  • 100+ news articles published
  • 87% increase in revenue
  • 14,028 camera units sold

Pro9 Global

Building a brand for a prefabricated wall system innovator.

  • 38,000+ video views
  • 2,000+ product orders in 24hrs
  • 103,000,000M people reached in China


Creating a digital footprint for a blockchain advisory company.

  • 130+ published articles in 12 months
  • 93% saving per 1,000 impressions
  • $132,000+ return on investment

WA Pool and Spa Expo

Synchronised event marketing that got people taking the plunge.

  • 320% increase in ticket sales
  • 299% increase in website traffic
  • 23,700% increase in direct searches


Earning a local internet provider a surge in sales leads.

  • +13,543% return on AdWords spend
  • 500+ service enquiries in 24hrs
  • $462,000 return on investment


Helping WA's oldest and most iconic dairy company to share the news.

  • 141,700+ online video views
  • 400% increase in website visits
  • 5,500,000+ media reach




“As a fast growing startup we needed to work with a marketing team that could keep pace with our rate of development. Multiplier Media haven’t just kept pace, they’ve been out in front blazing a path for Ecocentric.”

- Tim Bray CEO Ecocentric

“Multiplier Media has helped us to very quickly reach new markets around the world. We have been able to instantly connect with potential customers and investors across Australia and internationally.”

- Daniel Jukic Managing Director of Pro9 Global

“Multiplier Media is unlike any other PR or marketing company I’ve ever worked with. They’ve been instrumental in helping turn Cycliq into a globally recognised brand.”

- Chris Singleton Executive Director of Cycliq

“Multiplier Media helped DigitalX get to number one on Google for our key search terms without spending on AdWords. Prospective clients were filling our inbox daily simply through their own organic search online”

- Leigh Travers CEO DigitalX

Multiplier Media offers a complete end-to-end marketing service. From developing engaging video content to targeted digital; they've helped maximise our results on a budget

- Bryce Steele CEO SPASA (WA)