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IoT, Consumer Product, ISP.

Pentanet is a Perth-based internet provider specialising in NBN and next generation fixed wireless offering speeds up to twice as fast as the NBN (National Broadband Network).

Pentanet needed to develop targeted, authentic and engaging content to achieve increased sales and brand awareness and deliver a strong return on investment.


Return on AdWords spend

Multiplier ran successful Adwords campaigns for Pentanet and achieved 199 new customer applications, 545 phone calls and 616 leads for applications with a Return on Ad Spend of (ROAS) + 13,543% over 6 months.



Service Enquiries in 24hrs

Multiplier Media successfully coordinated a TV news story with Channel 9 Perth. After the feature went to air, Pentanet received 500 new service enquiries achieved within 24 hours.


Return on Investment

Multiplier Media developed grass-roots news stories positioning Pentanet’s founders and Pentanet as belonging to, and champions of, the Perth community, focused on delivering better internet for locals.



Views on Facebook Videos

Using a combination of news marketing and TV news videos, Multiplier has earned Pentanet more than 70K views on their Facebook videos.



Strong Brand Messaging

Multiplier Media created the headline “Perth, you deserve better internet” to boost brand awareness via an outdoor media and transit campaign across the city.

This message has been highly successful and resonates well with the Perth community, many of whom often deal with poor internet and are used to their city being overshadowed by Australia’s larger east coast.


Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Multiplier Media took the localised message a step further and
personalised the outdoor campaign to be suburb specific for
high traffic locations across the Perth Metro area.

The campaign was supported by geo-targeted social
media posts across Pentanet’s accounts.


"In July 2018 Multiplier coordinated a channel 9 news story on behalf of Pentanet. During the news story and the 48 hours following we received approximately 2600 hits to our website and over 500 contacts via direct communication (live chat, calls and email). As such, we on-boarded several hundred new customers in the following months."

Connor Llewellyn – Project Manager, Pentant

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