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Technology, ASX

Cycliq is an ASX-listed consumer technology company based in Perth, Australia, that produces electronic safety accessories designed for cyclists.

Multiplier Media was engaged by Cycliq to increase awareness around cycling safety and the need for the company’s ‘dashcams’ for bikes. We developed viral video media campaigns, leveraging footage captured by Cycliq customers’ dashcams that recorded the good, the bad and the funny incidents experienced by cyclists on the road.


News articles published

Multiplier Media has successfully written and published more than 100 articles for Cycliq across Australia, the US, the UK and Europe, featuring on PerthNow, Yahoo 7, Reddit, USA Today, Cycling Magazine, ABC 7:30 Report, the Herald Sun and the Daily Mail.



Increase in revenue

The media coverage has seen a strong upward trend in Cycliq’s global unit sales. There was a 47 per cent increase in average unit sales year-on-year for Q1 FY19.


Increase in brand awareness

Extensive news coverage has increased brand awareness in the domestic Australian market by more than 50 per cent and a further unprompted brand awareness in Australia of 20 per cent.



Camera units sold

More than 14,000 camera units were sold in H1 - an overall increase of 23 per cent year on year.


“Multiplier is unlike any other PR or marketing company I’ve ever worked with. They’ve been instrumental in helping turn Cycliq into a globally recognised brand.”


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